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Haircut Range

We offer a full range of haircuts from boys to men to seniors. From Scissor cuts to simple clipper cuts, we cover it all.


The Original New Cleanup

Even if you dont want a full haircut we can offer you a simple clean up at a discounted price.


Mustache, Goatee or Beard

Mustache, goatee, or beard cleanup or a simple beard trim if you have the canvas we can do the job for you.


Discounts for Students and OAP'S.

Discounts available for students and OAP'S across our stores (prices may vary at weekends).


The Original Classic Shave

We offer the full traditional wet shave experience. Hot towels, traditional cut throat razor with a cooling balm and lotion.
We also sell traditional shaving equipment (i.e. razor blades , cut throat razors , and soaps) in our branches. See in store for details.


Group Parties and Events

We can offer group or events bookings. See our parties and events page for more details.

We Respect the Heritage of Classic Barbering

We’ve been looking after the crowning glory of the great and the good of Hertford for over 30 years. Renowned for traditional service amongst our established clientele, we offer “cutting edge” (sorry) styling for the generations, looking to make their mark on the world.


Men's haircut
working man 18+
O.A.P’s haircut
65 years +
Clipper Cuts - Grades 1 to 4
prices may vary depending on level of work needed
Beard trims with a blade finish.
prices may vary depending on level of work needed
Boys (under 12) haircut
skin and bald fades will cost an extra £3.
Boys (over 12) haircut
skin and bald fades will cost an extra £3
Wet Shave
hot towel shave with a traditional cut throat razor for a fresh cool feeling.
Haircut & Beard Trim
sharp haircut and sharp beard with razor finish
6th Form / Students haircut
skin fades will cost an extra £3. This includes :- 6th form , college and university
Men’s Haircut & Shave
The full treatment, haircut, shave and shampoo for the ultimate clean cut finish.



Proppa oldskool barber, nice & friendly staff, chilled atmosphere..... Ive used them for years & now they've just done my baby's first haircut with no tears. Would definitely recommend!paul da kutt

-1 out of 5

Been going to Mick's for nearly 20 years. Great service. Went in on Friday and chatted to Hank about Hertford Physiotherapy where I now work, just down the road at 32 St Andrew Street. Hank offered to let me put some leaflets out advertising the physio. I did not have to ask. Typical of him - a really good guy.Douglas Smallwood

-1 out of 5

Mick's Barbers has been cutting the gentry's of Hertfordshire's hair for over 30 years. So we know the kind of services you want and offer it all at a competitive price.


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01992 589 089
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